Small Size Thermal TB05

Small Size Thermal TB05

Product NameSmall Size Thermal TB05


Product Description


1) small size of the design
2) for each trip temperature are subject to stringent correction and detection
3) bimetal 100% express trip
4) has the double performance of the induced current and sensor temperature and the action
5) according to customer demand for riveting a variety of specifications and the length of the wire
6) the riveting wire terminals, the same side and different side of two choices
7) Each parts are strict implementation of the European ROHS environmental Guarantee
Electrical Specifications:
Temperature range and tolerance:
Temperature range: 55 ~ 180
Action temperature tolerance: 2 , 3 C 5 C
1) Different types of motors, motor
2) water pumps, air compressors, washing machine
3) fluorescent electronic ballasts, HID ballasts, lighting fixtures
4) heating pad, electric blankets, medical fomentation pad car
5) a plastic machine, power tools, chargers, transformers
6) household appliances, heating appliances

Shielded pole motor, permanent can be divided into the capacitor start motor, fluorescent lamp ballasts, lighting fixtures, transformers, batteries, vacuum cleaners, car motors, household appliances, and other interested parties.
Technical parameters:
Contact capacity: 250VAC/10A 120VAC/25A 16VDC/22A
Temperature Range: 50 ~ 180
Action temperature tolerance: 5 C, 8 10
Reset temperature tolerance: 15 .

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