GDTGas discharge tube)

GDTGas discharge tube)

Product NameGDTGas discharge tube)


Product Description

Eidoll sales the GDTGas discharge tube).

The Gas Discharge Tube(GDT) is a protective device which is filled with certain proportion of noble gas, or mixed gas or other discharge media in the space between metal electrodes and metalized ceramics,and then sealed at high temperature to form a single-gap or multi-gap switch type protective device.When the protected circuit or equipment suffers to surge, GDT will change from high impedance state to low impedance state and release the surge energy to reduce the residual voltage of the circuit, and then protect the equipment or humanbody from the hazard of transient overvoltage.

Eidoll sales the brands of SETsafe ,SETfuse GDT products have a voltage range of 70 to 4500 V and a surge current (at 8 / 20 s) range of 0.5 to 200 kA. It is widely used in the overvoltage protection of signals, power supplies, and various ports; safety certificates include UL, cUL, TUV, and it also meets RoHS & REACH requirements.

The total models as bellow:

If you need the specification of the each model, you can tell me and phone to me .

Bellow is the all models specification:

Glossary as bellow:


D.C. Spark-over Voltage

The voltage at which the GDT sparks over with slowly increasing d.c. voltage.



Impulse Spark-over Voltage

The highest Voltage which appears across the terminals of a GDT in the period between the application of an impulse of given wave-shape and the time when current begins to flow.



Arc Voltage

Voltage drop across the GDT during arc current flow.



Glow Voltage

The peak value of the voltage drop across the GDT when a glow-current is flowing, It is sometimes called the glow mode voltage.  


8/20 s

8/20 Current Impulse

Current impulse with a nominal virtual front time of 8 s and a nominal time to half-value of 20 s.


1.2/50 s

1.2/50 Voltage Impulse

Voltage impulse with a nominal virtual front time of 1.2 s and a nominal time to half-value of 50 s.



Alternating Discharge Current

The r.m.s. value of an approximately sinusoidal alternating current passing through the GDT.



Nominal Discharge Current

Crest value of the current through the GDT having a current waveshape of 8/20 s.



Maximum Discharge Current

Crest value of a current through the GDT having an 8/20 s waveshape and magnitude according to the manufacturers specification. Imax is equal to or greater than In.

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